You will experience criativity in a way that will make your heart beat faster.

intro about

We are Blau Creative Studio.

Founded in 2012, Blau Studio is a Creative agency based in Coimbra, Portugal with a team with strong design and communication skills.

Motivated and passionate about everything that envolves the graphic and digital world, our mission is to create and deliver unique and beautiful custom projects, based on the goals of each client, helping your business rise to the next level.

The balance between form and function, the combination of art and purpose are the great result of our work and dedication. We create concepts, we design and share ideas and most important of all, we embrace your challenge.

Why Blau



"Criativity takes courage"

Creativity is everywhere, it’s in what we feel and in what we live in our daily lives. It is through this experience and a sensitive eye at the world, that we create unique concepts for the projects we develop. And idea can come from anywhere, it can be just around the corner, in a childhood memory or in a simple chat with a friend. There are no limits for our minds, but we need the courage to break rules, and that’s what make our job so great and so much challenging.



“Everything you are, say or do, represents your brand”

The way we look, speak and think, are identifying elements of our personality. Our values, beliefs and passions help us find a way and to take a position in life. Like people, brands have their own personality and are dynamic. They have the ability to connect, relate, communicate, interact and create unique experience with their consumers. It’s through surprising messages that we help companies and their business to strengthen their personality and the presence in the world. We develop strategies, capable of responding to each client’s goals. This can only be achieved by finding the perfect balance between emotion and reason. Does your brand stands out your value?



"Details are not the details, they make the Design"

Details are everywhere and are responsible for causing us incredible and unique sensations. In music it can be a rhythm or melody that stands out, in a product its shape and texture, in food a subtle flavor in the palate, in graphic design, visual elements that through its color, shape or position that catch our eye. We can say that details make the experience, details allow brands to stand out.



"We don’t design brands. We design for people interacting with brands"

The creator is also a thinker and talent is not enough. We need to be curious, ask some questions, find the answers and in the end, we need to tell a story. The great value of a brand, is its story and that’s exactly where it starts to reach people, interacting and connecting with them.

There are no bosses here. Just two friends who love what they do.




Being insightful is someone who can, through a subtle analysis of the facts, predict a certain situation. This demands a deep self kownledge. Both in business and artistic world, to be insightful is a fundamental piece to achieve results and goals.



Intuition is like seeing with the soul, it allows to see far beyond. It allows us to leave objectivity and capture ambiguity. The Creative process requires sensitivity and intuition. These tools help us solve problems and find the solutions for each creative Project.



Blau Creative Studio brings together two designers, creatives and friends with over 10 years of experience, and qualified education in design, communication, photography, web design and social media management. We dedicate ourselves to each cliente in a unique and custom way, looking for Creative solutions to each Project. We believe that experience requires taking risks, sacrifice and a loto Of courage.



Without strategy, content is just information and the world is full of it. First the concept and vision, then purpose. If this is clear from the start, we have everything we need to build a strategy. We study and analyze each case, we strengthen the weak elements, we rise the strong ones, we use the right tools and tactics that help your brand achieving successful results.

The Team

Maria Muñoz
“Everything is bold for those who don’t dare”
In 2010, she graduated in Graphic Design in the city of Coimbra - where she currently lives and works. Among the most varied roles she plays in her life, from woman to professional, being a mother is undoubtedly the most demanding, challenging, exciting and Creative one.

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Tiago Campos
“I have in me all the dreams of the world”
His artistic journey begins in the afternoons that he spent with his older brother doodling the characters of his favorite cartoons. He grew up in a time when there was no parallel universe like the digital world and where time and imagination seemed infinite.

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We help brands and business to grow.
You can be one of them.

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Maria Muñoz

It was in 2012, a period when the crisis promised to steal her dreams, that she decided to be a little more stubborn, daring and went against the impossible!

She idealized and created the BLAU AGENCY, that exists and persists until today, result of lots of sacrifice, dedication and passion.

She always knew from an early age that managing her own projects and achieving creative freedom without any imposition, would be one of the main goals to be achieved in her life. And it is with pride, that today he shares the same dream with his current partner and friend, Tiago..

There is so much softness in saying nothing and everything is understood.

Facing this project as a passion and not as a job, is reflected in the daily complicity that exists in the team.

Sharing experiences and knowledge, between conversations of endless hours about the origin of the Universe, the Theory of Relativity and the deeper themes of life as - What are we even doing here? Are there coincidences or everything happens by chance? – is how Maria and Tiago relate to each other at work and outside office doors.

Blau was a project dreamed by her, but built by both - for the world.

To feel is to be distracted.

Nicknamed catastrophic, Maria is sometimes a little bit distracted in life, but very perfectionist and demanding at work. Not a day goes by without stumbling on the street, breaking something, losing her home keys or forgetting her wallet at the café… But she doesn’t deliver a project without guaranteeing that there are no flaws, even if it takes hours to reach perfection.

They say that to feel is to be distracted. And to feel is to absorb, to look at the world in a different way, to other paths and details that are not visible at first. It is in this distraction that creativity lives ... and this is where everything starts and where everything is possible.

Tiago Campos

It was in 2013 that he finished his academic path with distinction and graduated in Communication Design.

Astro photography is one of his passions and it’s on the moon where his head usually be.

After a few years of working in the area, stuck to what he no longer aspired to, he decided to change course.

It was in 2018 that in the chance of life,that the stars got together and the meeting with a friend - Maria - led him to join this company and be part of the BLAU team.

To feel is to create. Feeling is thinking without ideas. Therefore, to feel is to understand!

He believes that creative freedom and quality are achieved in daily team work.

Results come from challenging ourselves and seeking excellence.

To Feel is to create and understand… and that's where everything starts and where everything is possible.

Tiago Campos

Foi em 2013 que terminou com distinção o seu percurso académico e se formou em Design de Comunicação.

A astro fotografia é uma das suas paixões e é mesmo na lua que a sua cabeça costuma estar.

Depois de alguns anos a trabalhar na área, preso ao que já não ambicionava, decidiu mudar de rumo.

Foi em 2018 que no mero acaso da vida, os astros se juntaram e o reencontro com uma amiga - a Maria - o levou a entrar nesta empresa e a fazer parte da BLAU.

Sentir é criar. Sentir é pensar sem ideias. Por isso, sentir é compreender.

Acredita que é no trabalho diário de equipa que se atinge a liberdade criativa e a qualidade.

É na entrega total aos desafios que se mostra a excelência nos resultados.

Sentir é criar e compreender….e é aí que tudo pode começar e onde tudo é possível.

Maria Muñoz

Foi em 2012, período em que a crise prometia roubar-lhe os sonhos, que decidiu ser um pouco mais teimosa, ousada e contrariou o impossível!

Idealizou e criou a agência BLAU que existe e persiste até hoje, fruto de muito sacríficio, dedicação e paixão.

Sempre soube desde cedo, que gerir os seus próprios projetos e alcançar a liberdade criativa sem imposições, seria um dos principais objetivos a alcançar. E é com orgulho que hoje partilha o mesmo sonho com o seu atual sócio e amigo, Tiago.

Há tanta suavidade em nada dizer e tudo se entender.

Acreditar neste projeto como uma paixão e não como um trabalho reflete-se na cumplicidade diária que existe na equipa.

É através da partilha de experiências e conhecimento, entre conversas de horas intermináveis sobre a origem do Universo, a Teoria da Relatividade e os temas mais profundos da vida como - O que andamos mesmo aqui a fazer? Existem coincidências ou é tudo mero acaso? – que a Maria e o Tiago se relacionam no seu trabalho e fora das portas do escritório.

A Blau foi um projeto sonhado por si, mas construído pelos dois – para o mundo.

Sentir é estar distraído.

Apelidada de catastrófica, a Maria é por vezes distraída na vida, mas muito perfeccionista e exigente no trabalho. Não passa um dia sem tropeçar na rua, partir um “bibelot”, perder as chaves ou esquecer-se da carteira no café…Mas não entrega um projeto sem garantir que não há falhas, mesmo que leve horas a atingir a perfeição.

Dizem que sentir é estar distraído. E sentir é absorver, é olhar o mundo de outra forma, para caminhos secundários e detalhes que não são visíveis à primeira vista.

É nesta distração que mora a criatividade... e é aí que tudo pode começar e onde tudo é possível.